InjuryScripts is a nationally licensed PCAB and URAC accredited pharmacy that expands beyond traditional pharmacy services. Our Pharmacist-led clinical intervention team works with payers to eliminate the compound network issues surrounding high-cost compounds, inappropriate formulations, inappropriate ingredients, and lack of compounding standards.

Redefining Compounding Pharmacy Standards

  • Transparent Pricing & Reporting
  • Cost & Formula Analysis
  • Reduce Opioid Prescribing
  • Opioid Screening & Monitoring Programs
  • Pharmacist-led clinical intervention team
  • Proprietary software for tracking and customized reporting

InjuryScripts’s approach to patient care is atypical for our industry. Our patient-focused clinical programs, our ability to track every order, and our transparent reporting and pricing methodology make it easy for the patient, the physician and the payer.

We are experts in patient care and offer unique opportunities by offering an alternative to oral opioids and pain management by providing high-quality compounds and customer service to patients, prescribers and payers.