InjuryScripts Pain Creams

What is a Topical Pain Cream?

InjuryScripts Topical Pain Creams are customized medications created according to your physician’s prescription for your unique situation and needs. The cream is made in our compounding lab under the supervision of state-licensed pharmacists. A compounded pain cream could be beneficial to you, because your doctor can include ingredients customized to your therapeutic needs based on his or her medical judgment.

Benefits of Topical Pain Creams?

  • Cream applied directly to site of pain
  • Combined ingredients according to your physician’s prescription, to treat pain
  • Medication customized to meet your unique needs

How do I fill a prescription for a compounded topical pain cream?

  • Ask your physician if a compounded prescription pain cream is right for you and your specific MEDICAL needs.
  • In most cases your physician’s office will fax your customized prescription directly to InjuryScripts.
  • One of our licensed and registered pharmacy technicians will begin processing your prescription and contact you by phone.
  • Most insurance plans are accepted for compounded medications.
  • We can deliver your prescription directly to your home at no additional charge when insurance plan allows.
  • A InjuryScripts representative will be available to answer any questions you may have about your medication.