ACTION NEWS did a great story on the dangers of leaving medicines in hot cars – and it features InjuryScripts’s own Director of Compounding, Kerri McAdoo!

On a hot day like Monday, the sun can make the temperature inside the car more than 80 degrees, a temperature pharmacists say is not good for your prescriptions.

“When a medication is left in your car at extreme temperatures, it could cause the medication to not be as effective,” said InjuryScripts director of compounds Karri McAdoo.

“I have cancer, Can I restore my hormones?”

With increasing frequency I am faced with the patient who 1) has active cancer 2) is in remission, or 3) perceives a high risk for cancer due to family history and other risk factors. This patient is the one who is losing their marriage from a lack of a sex drive or the one who has severe osteoporosis and can not take standard therapies.