ACTION NEWS did a great story on the dangers of leaving medicines in hot cars – and it features InjuryScripts’s own Director of Compounding, Kerri McAdoo!

On a hot day like Monday, the sun can make the temperature inside the car more than 80 degrees, a temperature pharmacists say is not good for your prescriptions.

“When a medication is left in your car at extreme temperatures, it could cause the medication to not be as effective,” said InjuryScripts director of compounds Karri McAdoo.

“I have cancer, Can I restore my hormones?”

With increasing frequency I am faced with the patient who 1) has active cancer 2) is in remission, or 3) perceives a high risk for cancer due to family history and other risk factors. This patient is the one who is losing their marriage from a lack of a sex drive or the one who has severe osteoporosis and can not take standard therapies.

The Man In the Mirror

Is it aging? Is it hormones? Why is my sex drive changing? My sexual function is too. I’ve noticed my muscle mass has declined. I’ve got a belly I never had! My mood is lower than it used to be. I’m more anxious than I used to be.

Cancer Cured?

Mary Anne comes from the “cancer world”, status post opinions and second opinions, surgeons and oncologists, surgery, and treatment with every new chemotherapeutic agent available. She is in remission…..maybe even cured from ovarian cancer (Stage IIa). It had been a long three years and finally the Ca-125 has stayed down for 12 months.